My swap to USA

As I promised I’m back to share my project I sent over to Martha in USA from my last swap over on uStamp with Dawn.  I kept with a Christmas Theme – as it’s not really Fall here but Spring! 

Now I did get a little carried away trying to share some Aussie icons with her – so my postage costs were way over the top and certainly well over the value of the gift, so I have learnt not to go so big with any future overseas projects.

Here they are a little more details to show what was inside:

Tim Tams – I thought I’d include them as the USA Stampin’ Up! girls who come over for Convention always rave about how many packets they are taking home!

A little Koala – can’t get much more Aussie than that!   I did throw in a couple of  little Cherry Ripe bite size bars with my Koala, another little ‘candy’ they don’t have over there.

Apparently the little Koals is sitting in her craft room on a shelf so she can see & remember me by…. isn’t that lovely!

Little notebook and pencil

My flower was a poinsettia – our Christmas flower – so I made one for each of my projects.

Apparently my colour combination is one of her favourites, so another winner for me….lol

I’m currently doing another swap over on uStamp with Dawn, so will share those soon.

Until later, happy stampin’


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