Special friends

I received a beautiful little gift from my stamping friend Carolyn McPherson on Friday for my birthday last week.  Carolyn & I have become friends through Stampin’ Up! but yet not met, but one day we will manage to do that. 

Thank you so much Carolyn, just love the little ribbon flower which is in fact a little brooch…. isn’t it just soooo pretty & of course in my favourite colour PINK!!!  Isn’t that rhinestone centre just so gorgeous!

I just happened to be looking on Carolyn’s blog on Thursday & as I started to read it, it mentioned the post was about something for her friend Kerri & I thought ooh is that for me??  But being the way I am & I LOVE surprises & gifts, I actually closed her blog before I saw any pictures, as if it was for me I wanted to see it in person first…… crazy I know!  So I was quite excited to find mail waiting for me on Friday when I got home.

Thank you so much Carolyn – I love it.

Until later, happy stampin’


One thought on “Special friends

  1. I’m so glad you liked your card and ribbon brooch – of course I had to do pink for you!! It was a pleasure to make and send :0)

    Good on you for not looking at my blog for the pic’s and waiting for the snail mail, I’m not sure I could have been as patient!

    Glad you had a great birthday though and got lots of surprises and gifts!


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