Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to all those Mum’s out there!….. especially my Mum – love you Mum!

Mum came down to visit me 2 weekends in a row, first for Easter long weekend then again last weekend so she could take me to & from the hospital for my surgery.  I really wanted to make her something special for Mother’s Day, but I was really fighting with finding my mojo while she was here & also trying to create something that she wouldn’t see.   So I managed to make a basket to put some little goodies in & a card but must admit I wasn’t really happy with my colours, although I was happy with the final outcome.

My basket (template) was from Lauren Meader & I saw this cute bookmark card on someone’s blog (I’ll come back & let you know with an update when I find it again)

Here is her gift (empty)

(Now the basket is quite big as the card is a normal C5 size.)

The card has a bookmark hidden in the front

I filled the basket with a few things for her to use for cardmaking & nougat & chocolates & little bee ornament for her cactii garden.  Last weekend we went for a drive to Monteville and Maleny which is in the hinterland of the Sunshine Coast here in Queensland & bought her a few little plants she liked as an early gift as well.

I then decided to make another card the same for David’s mum as she likes to read, I must admit I had bit more of my mojo happening on this card with the colours.

We found a cute little plant for her – quite quirky I think! – and she had hinted previously to David that she’d love a few more little citronella candles, so this was her gift

I woke my Mum this morning when I called her to wish her a Happy Mother’s Day…..oops (but she doesn’t usually sleep in til 8am).  However I’m still waiting for ‘that’ call from my son, but perhaps I’ll just get it in person when I get home this afternoon…..lol.  As I’m currently up at Toorbul having just shot some sunrise photos.  I was really happy as my “other” son Luke (Ben’s best mate) has text me wishing me a Happy Mother’s Day!  Now let’s see if I get my wish for my pressie, as I gave my son enough hints…. even leaving the catalogue open from the junk mail….lol

Until later, happy stampin’


2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day

  1. These gifts are lovely. I am not an ‘orange’ person myself, however I think you got it right!

    I hope that your Mothers Day wish came true. I received a few handmade cards, which my daughter snuck into my craft room to make and even cleaned up after herself, so mummy didn’t find the evidence… she’s learning young! Hubby suggested that I learn to make cards as quick as her….. as it took her less than 2 minutes..lol!


    • I’m not really an orange person either Sonia – don’t know why I started with that colour (Tangerine Tango) as I’m more a pink girl…lol Good to see your daughter is so clever making Mummy something & especially not leaving the evidence behind. Ummm wish I could make a card in 2 mins too!

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