Easter baskets

I didn’t really get around to making anything special for my Easter gifts this year….. slack I know!

But I did manage to make a couple of baskets, although only plain, for a few special people.

This one was for Sarah (David’s daughter), it was using a template from Lauren Meader – “Pack A Picnic” although I didn’t put a lid on it.  I didn’t want to decorate it with an Easter theme as thought she might like to use it to store things in later.  Those little rabbits on top were actually decorated bubblegum & I think too cute to eat!

This one was for my Mum:

These last ones were for my little nephews (sorry for the photo being a little out of focus but I took it as I was rushing out the door)

I can tell you these were the most loved & handled of all little baskets….. Ryan & Oliver just loved them & walked around with them for ages.  As they are only 4 1/2yrs & 1 1/2yrs I gave them only a few chocolates in their baskets as I knew they would get lots from all the family, so included a jumping egg which had them playing & not eating chocolate for a little while (lol) and also a Peter Rabbit book each, as they love books.

Until later, happy stampin’


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