Secret Sister – Card 1 (Feb)

I have signed up again for another round of Secret Sister – Round 4 – over on Stampin’ Up in Oz  and February is our first month.

The way this Secret Sister swap runs is for each of months 1 & 2 you need to send 2 cards and a handmade gift of about $4 – $8. The gift is not the packaging but what is in the packaging. Then in the 3rd month the gift value increases.  It’s great to be able to send someone your handmade gifts and they don’t know who it’s from (until we reveal at the end of the 3rd month) but the fun part is receiving them too.

Today was my lucky day as my first card arrived from my Secret Sister & it’s really pretty.  She has even made the card using the colours I listed as my favourite… PINK & chocolate chip.

So I’ll be back to show you my cards & gifts as I receive them.  However I won’t be able to show off my creations until the 3 months is up or my Secret Sister might work out who I am.

Until later, happy stampin’


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