Wishing you all belated HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes!!

Hope everyone had an enjoyable New Year’s Eve and if you made any new year’s resolutions that you’re able to stick to them….. I never make them as I know I probably wont…. lol

Now after I promised to keep up with regular blogging, it seems my scheduled posts didn’t post…. not sure what happened there, maybe I mucked up the date I’m not sure.

I’ve been away visiting my brother & sister-in-law in Melbourne but I must say the main attraction was to see my baby nephew Preston who is just 10 weeks old & so cute! I had a wonderful 5 days playing Aunty & having lots of cuddles.

Now back to crafting…..

I’d like to share a birthday gift I made a little while ago for David’s sister Julia.  But silly me forgot to take some photos so I had to rely on Julia to take some & send to me…… thanks Julia.

I had fun making lots of 3D flowers for the picture frame, box (holding bath products) & my little dove chocolate box.


Until later, happy stampin’


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