Wow I received this wonderful award from Sonia the other day but just haven’t had a chance to share with you.

Although there is a catch to receiving this award & that is I have to tell you three things about myself, so that has had me sitting here thinking, thinking, thinking!

Well here goes:

1. I love to escape into my craft room to “relax” after a long day at work

2. My other big passion is photography, I think my composition is my strong point, although sometimes I get lost in the “technical” side of things

3. My great desire is travelling – although my budget is restricting this pleasure at the moment!

Phew! got that all out… lol

Now apparently the other thing I have to share with you is a favourite photo……umm now that is harder than you might think, as well I have hundreds & hundreds & hundreds of photos (really should say in the thousands…lol) , so saying one is my favourite is really hard for me, but I’ve decided on an animal photo, not exactly my favourite animal but the definition I achieved in his skin I was really happy with.  This is a rhino at the Dubbo Zoo.

but just thought I’d sneak in another one which was a sunrise down on the Gold Coast at Broadbeach

Now I just have to pass on this award to five other fabulous people so in no particular order I’m sending on this award to:

1. Carolyn McPherson

2. Bronwen Cornish

3. Jodene Tripp

4. Linda Craven

5. Karen Thomas

Now that was a bit hard as my choice of friends to list here was long, but go check out these girls as they are all very talented crafters.

Until later, happy stampin’


5 thoughts on “CHERRY ON TOP AWARD

  1. Kerry what a fabulous sunrise! You must have been up early for that!!! and the placement of the seagull… wow! I love photography too and I remember one holiday at the Gold Coast getting up about 5am every morning and walking to the beach to get ‘the’ photo but it was cloudy every morning until the last morning!!!

    • Thanks Jenny. I tell you I take sooo many photos & well I was just lucky that bird flew into my photo just at the right time. I love sunrise & sunsets, just don’t like getting out of bed early to get the sunrise ones though! Especially when its cold! (which it was in this one)

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