Wow – an Award for me!

Feeling very honoured as I received a Beautiful Blogger Award from Karen Gower, Linda Craven,& Sonia Garbutt

I then have to pass on this award to 10 other bloggers (it was hard to have to leave off the above 3), along with telling 10 things about myself.

So I have chosen to forward this award to: (some have already been nominated by others)

1. Carolyn McPherson

2. Jodene Tripp

3. Julie Gislingham

4. Fiona Platzer

5. Lisa Ryder

6. Liz Burnell-Latham

7. Amy Waters

8. Sandi McIver

9. Lisa Martin

10 Kym Byrne


Now for the hard part – telling you 10 things about me….. lol

1. I’m a single Mum with a wonderful 19yr old son

2. I’m a Nurse & Midwife (but no longer work in that field)

3. I’m a Practice Manager for a busy Plastic Surgeon who is a wonderful boss & I’ve been working for him for over 21yrs now

4. I’m a Virgo

5. I’m a keen photographer – would love to further my passion to make me $$

6. I love crime shows – whether reality or TV series

7. I grew up in Maryborough, Qld

8. I have 2 brothers – both younger than me with a 10yr age gap between them

9. I’m a sweet tooth – love my white chocolate, but then again anything sugary & naughty I love (take after my Dad)

10. I LOVE to travel – love travelling overseas for holidays

Thanks for stopping by

Until later, happy stampin’



One thought on “Wow – an Award for me!

  1. Hi Kerri!

    Wow! I have to say there is noooooo way you look like you have a 19 year old son – your gorgeous and look soooo young!! When I look at your profile pic each time I visit your blog you look so lovely and kind…………perfect traits of a nurse and midwife (even thought you no longer do that!) Lovely to learn those little facts about you!

    Luv Karen

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